For the first time in the past couple of weeks I feel like I can take a breath.  Releasing a game is stressful!  the mixture of excitement waiting and hoping for people’s reviews versus constant concern that everything is going to break.  I really could have done with taking time off from work to handle it all but my expectations for Rocket ROBO were small, so I didn’t think I would have to do much.  I can take it as a learning experience for the next game,  which I now will definitely make.  The positive emails and notes I’ve received has motivated me to continue.  I have 10 or so ideas for things  I’d like to do next and am extremely eager to begin.  Before I begin I still have a few things to finish off:

I’m going to reduce the requirements on the Android version from 4.2 to 4.0.

Aiming to finish the final few levels for Sugar Cube this weekend.


12 thoughts on “Updates

    • What iPad do you have. I have access to an iPad 1,2,retina Mini, Air and haven’t encountered this problem before. Just went and checked, none of my devices currently run 7.06. Am upgrading my retina Mini at the moment to see if I have the same problem

    • Hi Mark,

      I’ve just installed 7.0.6 on my iPad Retina Mini and it still works fine. It’s difficult to know what to to suggest. Have you done a complete restart of your device and does mp3 playback and the sound in other games work OK?

        • Sorry you are still having issues!

          The reset was simply
          ‘Hold Power button’
          ‘Slide to power off’
          Wait for shut down, then
          ‘Press power button to start device’

          If this doesn’t work, please mail me at admin@badkraken.com and I’ll investigate further.

  1. Hi,fantastic game!! Ive really enjoyed every level..Do you know when you will have the next update ready for release on Android??

    • It’s really really close now, I’m aiming to finalise the iOS version within the next week, android will probably be the week after that. The main things remaining are finishing the music for the final level and the new sfx, refining the new textures as some are placeholder at the moment and I’m painting up the boss character (yes there is a boss) :) . Oh and I have 3 or so paintings to finish to describe the final part of the story.

    • Just submitted the big update for iOS a moment ago. Will be working on the Android update this coming week. Hopefully that should resolve some of the issues people are having with certain devices. Thanks for letting me know!

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