Android Version is Live

After nearly 24 hours of refreshing my computer screen,  I can confirm that Rocket ROBO is now Live on Google Play for Android.  There are an awful lot of different types of android phone out there.  I’ve tried my best to make sure it works on yours.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Must add a quick ‘thank you’ to Anthony who I’ve never met but assisted me greatly with his tutorial about package splitting for Google Play:

20 thoughts on “Android Version is Live

  1. Hi; I’ve been wanting to try your game since I read the article on PocketGamer, but I can’t find it on the Play store. Admittedly, the search sucks on the Play store.

    • It should be available now. I have a feeling that the play store updates at different times for different regions. Sorry for the delay and hopefully it should appear for you shortly. Thanks for your interest James.

  2. D’oh, Incompatible with my Optimus G. It’s an Adreno 320 quad core processor. It has a wonky resolution though, 768×1280. Perhaps that’s the Incompatibility issue?

    • Hmm not sure, it shouldn’t be the resolution though as I’ve designed the game to work on any screen size. I’ll investigate further. Someone else mailed me with the same issue, also an LG phone. The only restriction I’ve imposed myself is that it requires Android 4.2 and above.

    • You need to dock the space pods right at the bottom of the screen. There is no gravity so you can push the blocks up and into the mines, allowing access to the switches that open the final door!! Good luck!

  3. Hi again! So, I’ve been periodically checking and your game no longer says my phone is incompatible, but now when I try to purchase it, I get an error that says the item can not be found.

    Just a heads up that I do want to buy your game, still!

    • Argh! sorry James. No clue what’s going on. I don’t really have any restrictions on the game so not sure why you can’t play…. Ah I just noticed another message from you saying you use 4.1.2, that’s probably the issue. When I get the update out I’ll drop the requirement from 4.2 to 4.1. Apologies for the delay, is tough trying to get everything done on my own. Thanks for your continued interest.

  4. can you guys make these game work for my htc Sensation XE..?? doesn’t show on my google play apps..:(
    mine is Sensation XE Rooted JB 4.1.2 Sense 5.0

      • thank you for the respon, will waiting for it, also does these game doesn’t available in asia..??
        can’t seem to able find it form my Phone Playstore (everytime i search rocket robo it ended up only show rocket robot-very different games), but i can see it from PC Playstore.
        i’m in indonesia by the way

  5. Thanks a lot for your effort to make this game compatible with older android versions. There are a lot of people using android ics or jelly bean 4.1.x (including me). ;) waiting for the update

    • Hi there – sorry for the delay. I’m working as fast as I can :) I had nearly finished the game but then had a new idea so it meant re-working a lot of the final levels, I hope it’s worth it when you finally get the game.

  6. Hi there,

    I felt compelled to leave a thank you message for such a great game! You nailed the controls just right, it’s always fun to play and try again, and never , never frustrating! The levels are very well designed, fresh, with some secrets, not too convoluted, not too long.
    There are very , very, very few games that hit the gameplay just right like this (reminds me of Jet Pac on Spectrum!) .

    Besides the rewards and well-deserved recognition that are all yours , I hope you will make good money off Rocket Robo so that you are encouraged to keep making games (and keep updating Rocket Robo!)

    I have only 2 regrets: the graphics of the material world are sooooooo nice, we want MORE levels in this world!! Reminds me of Little Big Planet!
    And, I’m playing the game on Iphone but I really want to play it again on my Android tablet, with a bigger screen: please lower the requirements to 4.1 instead of 4.2 (I know many of us already asked about this).
    All the best and thanks again.

    • The requirements will be dropped to version 4.1 when I get all the final material done. I agree that the material world has a nicer touch than the space levels, hopefully you will like the final world as it is closer the material world stylistically. Thanks for the mail :)

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