End in sight

Just added icing sugar snow.  I thought it’s time to throw in another work in progress screenshot:SugarCube_wip

Music and sound fx are in progress.  Just adjusting the final boss textures and rig (there is indeed a final boss).  3 paintings still to do to sum up the story.

It continues

Oo that’s pretty awesome. Just got some mails through:
From Androidshock:
‘We’ve published our Best of February list and Rocket ROBO made it. Congrats! :)


And from Quality Index:
Aaron McElligott has made it onto the list of iPhone Quality Index Finest Games Publishers of February 2014 due to the critical acclaim of the following… ‘Rocket ROBO’


Rocket ROBO also made it onto iPhone and iPad quality index’s Top 10 games of February 2014!

Thanks guys!!