For the first time in the past couple of weeks I feel like I can take a breath.  Releasing a game is stressful!  the mixture of excitement waiting and hoping for people’s reviews versus constant concern that everything is going to break.  I really could have done with taking time off from work to handle it all but my expectations for Rocket ROBO were small, so I didn’t think I would have to do much.  I can take it as a learning experience for the next game,  which I now will definitely make.  The positive emails and notes I’ve received has motivated me to continue.  I have 10 or so ideas for things  I’d like to do next and am extremely eager to begin.  Before I begin I still have a few things to finish off:

I’m going to reduce the requirements on the Android version from 4.2 to 4.0.

Aiming to finish the final few levels for Sugar Cube this weekend.


Android Version is Live

After nearly 24 hours of refreshing my computer screen,  I can confirm that Rocket ROBO is now Live on Google Play for Android.  There are an awful lot of different types of android phone out there.  I’ve tried my best to make sure it works on yours.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Must add a quick ‘thank you’ to Anthony who I’ve never met but assisted me greatly with his tutorial about package splitting for Google Play: http://labs.exoa.fr/tutorial-unity-4-apk-splitting-google-play-obb/

1st pass fixes and improvements for iOS

The first fixes for iOS will be:

Fix a missing block on material world allowing escape into space (fixed on Android)

Volume controls for sound fx and music

Auto screen rotation.  I had always wanted to put this in but had a bug which inverted the controls when the screen rotated.  Should be in for the update! (fixed on Android)

Screensaver to be disabled for intro sequence, then re-enabled (fixed on Android)


Android fixed

At last….. finally fixed a music bug in the Android version that’s been annoying me for the past couple of days.  Today is looking more promising for the Android build upload.  As soon as that’s done I can start dropping in the final level pieces.  Can’t wait to show them!