Nice reviews with Apples

I cannot express the feeling of seeing a nice comment about something I created.  It’s truly wonderful.  From an individual who picked up the game and felt compelled to comment somewhere about their positive feelings for it, to a small or large web-site, to Apple who contacted me tonight to pass on their congratulations and tell me Rocket-Robo is being featured.  Unbelievable!  Here’s a few other reviews I enjoyed reading:

4.5 / 5 and Editors Choice – “Rocket ROBO’s combination of whimsical graphics and impeccable gameplay is just stellar.” – “This one caught me by surprise, and so much so that I had to award it the top spot in the big Thursday update.”

4.5 / 5 “Rocket Robo is definitely worth the money. The graphics are beautiful and the control is simply out of hand…. Rocket Robo is one of our favourites of the month.” (Translated)

Apple App Store – In ‘Best New Games’ in 31 countries – “undoubtedly one of the most lovingly crafted casual and puzzle games we’ve seen in the AppStore. We hope that the title creates a major breakthrough…. in our opinion a must-download!” (Translated)

Touch Arcade Live play on Twitch

Firstly!  All working on the Android front.  Will upload sometime tomorrow!

Thanks to Eli from Touch arcade for playing my game live on Twitch tonight.  Had sweaty palms watching that :)  Also thanks to Echoen on the forums for pointing that out to me, much appreciated.

Here’s the link if you want to watch it.  He plays Rocket ROBO for about 40 minutes.

Starts 57Mins 40secs in:

Many thanks to everyone for the positive comments.

To those thinking of making a game, just do it!  I made this game on my own with a full time job.  You can do it too!




So the game is coming out at midnight tonight around the world.  Really excited to get it into people’s hands and find out if they like it.  I really hope so.

I’ve uploaded a hi-res video of the preview trailer to youtube, something I should have done much sooner:

Nice getting to chat to people around the world about the game.  Must start that process much sooner for the next game!

The Android version of Rocket Robo was causing a headache with the package splitting requirements.  It’s all fixed now!  hope I can get a build uploaded to google play tonight.  If not then it will be there in the next day or two,  I want to make sure it’s all working perfectly.

Final news – all levels of world 3 are designed and will be uploaded soon.  Those secrets gems you find in game might be important, so if you finish the game without a few of them, consider going back to find a few more!