I finished… I almost can’t believe it.  I’ve been pestered by people at work for the last few months “when’s it coming out?”,  ”have you submitted yet?”,  ”come on I want to play it”.  I don’t really remember ever doing something so challenging and rewarding,  my day job is great and I love doing it but the successes and failures are shared and felt by the team I work with,  this is different,  it is mine! so pressing the submit button tonight gave a huge amount of satisfaction.  I feel like I can have a relaxing Christmas now :)

It’s out on the 30th January 2014 for iOS and Android which gives me a bit of time for some light P.R.  If I make a little money from it then great but I mainly made the game to be played and enjoyed.  If you do get to play it then I really hope you have a good time with it,  either way I would love to hear about it.