Weekend update

Lots of optimising done this weekend, taking the game between 25fps and 40fps on iPad1.  About 80% of all the sound effects went in and I’ve done the first pass World select screen.

Upcoming tasks for this week are putting in the introduction story screens,  animations for the robot and some more work on particle effects.

World Select Screen

I have a few major remaining tasks I’m aiming to complete this week.  The first is the world select map screen and second are the intro story screens.  The story has been written and I’m pretty happy with it, I now just have the images to paint.  Here’s a representation of the material world and space station 3d blocks which will appear on the map screen.


Back to it

Very busy at work this week so had little time and energy for working on the game.  Back to it now though.  Spent the evening reading lots of EULA’s for each of the fonts I’d used in the game.  I hadn’t been aware of some of the licensing issues behind using fonts in a distributable product, specifically an ‘app’, which meant either spending several hundred dollars or swapping them out.  I’m intentionally trying to make this game on a very small budget so unfortunately I had to chose the latter and replace some.  Hopefully they still stand up OK.