Android Update

Just submitted the Android Update to the Google Play Store.

The Android OS requirements have been dropped from 4.2 to 4.03 so more people can play.

The final World and end of the story all included in this free update

I hope it works for you :)

iOS update out Today

The third and final level is complete along with a few tweaks to the game here and there.  Android to follow within the next couple of days.  Hope you like it!

Rocket ROBO is on a banner in the kids section of iTunes in the UK which is lovely to see. :D  Big smiley face.

End in sight

Just added icing sugar snow.  I thought it’s time to throw in another work in progress screenshot:SugarCube_wip

Music and sound fx are in progress.  Just adjusting the final boss textures and rig (there is indeed a final boss).  3 paintings still to do to sum up the story.

It continues

Oo that’s pretty awesome. Just got some mails through:
From Androidshock:
‘We’ve published our Best of February list and Rocket ROBO made it. Congrats! :)’

And from Quality Index:
Aaron McElligott has made it onto the list of iPhone Quality Index Finest Games Publishers of February 2014 due to the critical acclaim of the following… ‘Rocket ROBO’

Rocket ROBO also made it onto iPhone and iPad quality index’s Top 10 games of February 2014!

Thanks guys!!


For the first time in the past couple of weeks I feel like I can take a breath.  Releasing a game is stressful!  the mixture of excitement waiting and hoping for people’s reviews versus constant concern that everything is going to break.  I really could have done with taking time off from work to handle it all but my expectations for Rocket ROBO were small, so I didn’t think I would have to do much.  I can take it as a learning experience for the next game,  which I now will definitely make.  The positive emails and notes I’ve received has motivated me to continue.  I have 10 or so ideas for things  I’d like to do next and am extremely eager to begin.  Before I begin I still have a few things to finish off:

I’m going to reduce the requirements on the Android version from 4.2 to 4.0.

Aiming to finish the final few levels for Sugar Cube this weekend.


Android Version is Live

After nearly 24 hours of refreshing my computer screen,  I can confirm that Rocket ROBO is now Live on Google Play for Android.  There are an awful lot of different types of android phone out there.  I’ve tried my best to make sure it works on yours.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Must add a quick ‘thank you’ to Anthony who I’ve never met but assisted me greatly with his tutorial about package splitting for Google Play: